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One tooth is getting dark – what are my options?

Many years ago, I fell and chipped a tooth. The dentist did a small filling to repair it, but over the ensuing years, it has darkened quite a bit.

I’ve talked to my regular dentist about this but she does not really seem to have any solutions to offer me. She is reluctant to do a por
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My daughter’s teeth have severe decay

I’ve been trying to gather information about dental care for very young children, and your blog seems to be well informed. My daughter is four years old, and to date has not really had a true dental appointment. I’ve taken her to several different dentists, but she refuses to open her
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Delay fixing my daughter’s broken tooth?

Yesterday afternoon my daughter fell into the railing of a boat and smashed her mouth. One of her front teeth is broken completely off, and the other has a diagonal crack in it. When I took her into the dentist this morning, he said that he will not have room in his schedule to fix it for at leas
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Why won’t these brown spots respond to treatment?

Even though I have always been really careful to take good care of my teeth, my front two teeth have always been ugly and discolored. They were OK before I lost my baby teeth, but my adult teeth came in with these brown stains that I just cannot get rid of.

I recently graduated from colleg
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