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I don’t really think I had five cavities.

I just started going to a new dentist. I’ve always been really diligent about taking care of my teeth, in part because both of my parents had terrible teeth, with full upper and lower dentures before they turned 60. I don’t want that, so I floss every single day, and I brush at least twice a
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What causes erosion along the gumline?

My teeth where they meet my gums are quite eroded and abraded. My old dentist always said this was from brushing my teeth too roughly, but he retired and I had to find a new dentist, and she says is probably caused by bruxism. I am not really comfortable with this new dentist and did not want to
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Teeth really damaged from bulimia

I’ve suffered from bulimia since I was 14 years old. Years of counselling have helped me get the disease under control, but my teeth are severely and irreparably damaged. They are only about half the size they should be, and are very thin and chipped. Most of them don’t meet anymore,
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What is a neuromuscular dentist?

I am writing because I am a natural born skeptic, and some advice I recently received sounds a little dicey to me. I’ve been suffering for quite some time with headaches and dizziness. I’ve seen three different doctors in the practice I go to, and they’ve each tried something di
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Wisdom teeth removal?

Although I just turned 60 yesterday, up until last week I still had all of my wisdom teeth. The fillings in the top two were broken. My dentist said it would actually be easier to remove the teeth than it would be to repair the fillings, so I went ahead and had them pulled. The procedure went ext
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Serious TMJ Disorder

I found this blog because I was looking for information about TMJ. I could really use some expert advice, and unlike some of the dentists I have dealt with in the past, your credentials seem impeccable.

Even though I am only in my early thirties, my teeth are a mess. I have a long-standing
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