Baking soda and porcelain veneers

I’ve recently gotten 6 porcelain veneers and I’m very excited about my new smile. My dentist recommended supersmile toothpaste, but I’ve been doing some reading that you shouldn’t use baking soda on porcelain veneers. Supersmile has baking soda in it. What should I do?

Vinny- Bayonne, New Jersey


Glad to hear you are taking such good care of your veneers, and that you love the results. You are perfectly safe using Supersmile toothpaste on your veneers. In fact, it is excellent in removing stains on cosmetic dentistry work, yet gentle enough not to damage it. While it is true you shouldn’t use straight baking soda on your porcelain veneers, because of its abrasive quality, you can use certain toothpastes that contain baking soda. I wouldn’t use a strong toothpaste, just because it contains baking soda. you don’t want anything abrasive. What your dentist recommended is perfect.

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