Can dental bonding be removed or reversed?

I need to find out if my teeth will be damaged if I have some bonding work removed. I asked my regular dentist to fix the gap in my front teeth a couple of weeks ago, and I am so not happy with the results! My dentist did not seem very happy when I asked him to use bonding to fix the gap in my teeth, but I did a lot of research and it seemed like the best solution to my problem. In addition to the gap, my front teeth are also chipped in the the shape of a “v”.

After the procedure, there is still a gap in my teeth, and I can actually see places where the bonding material is easily distinguishable from the natural structure of my teeth. This is not at all what the examples I saw on the web looked like! I need to find a new dentist, but first I need to know if they can take off what was done or not.

Thanks for your help,

Kyra in East Lansing

Dear Kyra,

Good news – tooth bonding is reversible. A special sandpaper can be used to remove the bonding material and restore your teeth to their previous state. Any dentist would have this sandpaper available, and the procedure is not difficult or painful.

I would strongly recommend going to an expert cosmetic dentist when you are ready to have this procedure re-done. It is likely that dental bonding will work very well for you to fix the gap and chip, but freehand dental bonding is an extremely challenging dental procedure.

If dental bonding is done by an artistic, skilled individual, the results can be really beautiful, and completely undetectable. You are absolutely right that you should not in any way be able to see where your natural teeth end and the bonding material begins.